Learn To Boost Your Score By Trading In Animal Jam

You will not get everything that you need in the game at the gaming store. To make up for the items that you do not have, try and opt for trading. In-game trading helps in making up for the absence of some kinds of animals or other products. However, you need to be very careful while initiating a trade. There are likely to be players of different types, some of them who could try and exploit your general lack of know-how for their benefit.

Remember the instructions

There are certain animal jam cheats to remember while trading. These rules are there to help you trade better.

  • There is no reason for you to say yes to every type of exchanges. Say yes to trades only if you feel that it will benefit you.
  • Keep your password safe. Divulging in your password details can potentially let you lose control of your account.
  • Never entertain bully players. If someone bullies you, immediately file the grievance with the moderators for the necessary actions to be taken.

Add items to your list

The only way the others players will be able to approach you regarding trading would be when they have an idea regarding the item you would like to trade.  You have to make sure that you add items that you want to trade only.

  • It is very easy to access the trade list. You have to type on your animal icon located on the lower left corner.
  • You just have to tap on the trade section of your account. You will be able to view your trade list after that.
  • Click on any of the blue plus signs to add them to your list. Both den and clothing items can be added to the trading list as per your requirement.

Start with the trade

Trading in Animal Jam is pretty simple. There are certain things you have to keep in mind before you start trading.

  • First is to find a player with whom you would like to trade. Tap on their name and know more about them by viewing their player card.
  • Click on their trade list to know more about their trade items. The trade list is located on their left side and marked by a blue button
  • Click on the item that you want to trade and convince the owner-player to go along with the trade. If they agree to your trade offer, if will be intimated about the offer.

Establish your trade

Traders will always be more readily available in areas busy areas. Especially like Jamma townships. Prevent from standing in the middle of the groups. Standing in the middle would make your grade request go entirely unnoticed by other players. Do not give up hope if other players refuse to trade with you. Go to other areas and ask the players if they want to trade. Nevertheless, do not succumb into unfair trading methods that might be promoted by other players. Stick to the proper protocol and sooner or later things will pan out in your favor.

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